Teacher/ Educator for an afternoon program in a private kindergarten

About Marché:

We provide meaningful education and we do our work with love and understanding. We are an experienced team of teachers and we offer a Czech-English environment. Our approach to the families as well as to our employees is respectful and individual.

In a small team of professionals we create a beautiful, harmonious and stimulating environment which is one of the best in the Czech Republic. We carefully set up the processes in our classrooms in which our children improve to the upper limit of their potential.

The values of Marché Montessori are love of humankind and life, respect for childhood, joy of living together, protection of the natural curiosity, support of independence and natural self-confidence in the child.

Who we are looking for:

Our team is small and so we are looking for a kind, respectful and easygoing professional who will share our values. The person who fits into our comunity is a team player with the ability of self-reflection, the person who communicates respectfully. He/She is creative, loves sports, is willing to learn new skills and is open to everyday challenges. In creating an interesting afternoon program he/she uses all his/her skills.

Working hours :

Monday – Friday, 13:00 – 17:00, part time employment


  • integrity
  • professional competence to work in a children’s group / student
    (anyone who has qualification as carer, pedagogical worker of out-of-school education, educator, teacher in kindergartens / primary schools, nurse/ assistant, midwife, rescuer, social worker)

The work we offer is meaningful, creative and is divided into three main areas.

Child care:

The teacher/educator we are looking for is:

  • responsible for the development of children in terms of social values ​​and cooperation with each other
  • prepares interesting, creative, fun afternoon activities appropriate to the age and interests of children
  • responsible for the safety of activities
  • develops children in music, movement, creative areas
  • encourages children to create and be creative
  • supports children in sports activities in the garden or park, actively participates in games
  • takes care of the individual needs of children
  • has a positive attitude and approaches children professionally
  • supports / creates a considerate community
  • keeps a close eye on the children in the classroom and, if necessary, guides them kindly
  • helps to ensure harmonious environmnet in the classroom and outside (see care for the environment and children)
  • assists the head teacher with all the responsibilities of taking care of and keeping children safe

Cooperation with parents:

  • has a positive attitude and approaches parents professionally
  • shares all the information he/she receives from parents with the headteacher
  • does not share confidential information with third parties


Care for the environmnet:

  • maintains order in the classroom / garden when working with children
  • ensures the replenishment of the necessary materials in the classroom
  • prevents destruction of property
  • prepares, controls and ensures the smooth running of the afternoon snack
  • together with the lead teacher, is responsible for the overall readiness and cleanliness of the environment


What do we offer:

  • work in one of the best rated Montesorri facilities in the Czech Republic
  • chance to influence and co-create the environment and the course of teaching
  • harmonious and beautiful working environment
  • participation in Marché Montessori trainings and workshops
  • the chance of further development in the field of Montessori pedagogy
  • possibility to work on HPP / IČO



Send your CV and cover letter to petra@marche.cz.