At first glance, you may feel that you are in a beautiful little room for dolls. All the furniture, cabinets, chairs and tables are miniature in size. You can see the children how intently they don beads, examine locks on little boxes with great interest, sew with a yarn, prepare a snack together or help each to dress. Every object has its place, children move around in harmony and have a huge interest in the activities that they do. Over time, a group of young children becomes a community.

Marché toddler environment is directly tailored to the needs of the youngest children, their development, size and strength. The equipment of the class is full with beautiful and realistic activities and tools that entice and attract children. Happy to explore and discover, they improve their practical skills and learn independence. We provide children with individual approach and help each of them fully develop his or her capabilities.

We place a great emphasis on child’s safety and confidence in the environment. Capacity of the toddler class is 8 children, we accept children from 15 months. The main language is Czech, child’s learning is enriched with English in a playful and natural way. We help children to develop care of self, we accept children who have diapers and work together with the family in the child’s learning of hygiene. The carefulness which we devote to the toddler class and to the selection of offered activities is connected with knowledge, inspiration and recommendations of professionals in Montessori education.

Important information

The concept of education

We offer children a stimulating and motivating environment to meet her natural developmental needs and to help her adapt to her time and place, form oneself and build respect for one another. We also create a safe, happy and healthy environment for their development. As adults, we guide the children specifically to manage by themselves. This increases their self-esteem, self-confidence and their trust in the environment and the children gradually become functionally independent. The approach of AMI seems most meaningful to us and we try to fulfill their standards.

Besides the harmonious prepared environment within the class we offer outdoor activities through a direct access to the garden and terrace which is next to the class itself. We carry the low shelves with the activities out of the classroom and the children have beautiful possibilities to perform the activities outdoors on the terrace. The garden has a nice playground that is tailored to the developmental needs of toddlers, especially for the improvement of gross motor skills, balance of the body, strengthening muscles and workout for hands and feet. According to their own needs they can move indoors and outdoors and do exactly what they want at the moment. The contact with nature, soil, with plants when planting or watering or the watching insects, small animals and birds is an important part of their learning.

In the toddler classroom we offer four basic areas. Practical life area is full of real activities of daily living, such as sweeping, preparing snacks, dish washing, window cleaning, care of plants and flower arranging. Independence in care of self is something that we naturally encourage. Our environment provides many opportunities for children to acquire functional independence. Activities for eye-hand coordination meet the needs of the youngest children to gain control over their bodies (especially hands), because this has paramount importance to the human being. The language area includes objects, picture cards and beautiful books for easier understanding of the world around and for learning songs, poems and stories. Art is an area that includes drawing, painting, working with chalk, scissors, glue and clay, and also comprises an introduction to the world of music.

Objectives of the community

Our goal is to allow children to explore the world, develop their personality, independence, ability to make decisions, to persevere, to gain self-discipline, experience success and to take into account the needs of others. Each child is respected as an individual being and lovingly encouraged in her natural curiosity and development of her potential.

Collaboration with the family

Cooperation with parents and family is extremely important for us and for the operation of the Toddler class. Interconnection between the Montessori education and the parenting approach within the family is a huge benefit for the kids. It is very motivating for the children when their parents are interested and participate in the activities of the class. We inform parents about the course of each day and about the child’s work in a daily report, we meet each other at family days and meetings. To the parents of enrolled children we offer lectures twice a year on the topic of Montessori education, according to the child’s developmental stage and also the opportunity to attend courses organized by us at a discounted price. We organize evening individual and collective coffee meetings to share and discuss questions about the care and work with children at home. By developing communication and cooperation with parents we also want to achieve that the toddler program will function as a community. Parents are welcome by appointment according to their own timetable. Opinions, ideas, wishes and criticism are welcome and we would appreciate your suggestions.

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We know that the selection of a daycare is very important. We want you to get to know our approach and the caring environment. Come and see the ordinary day and observe how discovery and self-directed activity arouses in children the desire to learn.

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