Zuzana Macková

Zuzana learned about Montessori just a few moth before the birth of her firstborn son. She says: „Till today I remember how I was reading the book Montessori from the Start, higlighting one sentence after another,  stunned by what such little children were capable to accomplish. This book showed me it is possible to create a loving home for kids that is supporting them through all their developmental phases. Where the parent is a guide not a dictator of his own will. A place where needs of all family members are heared and validated. A home, where the child is not seen as a helpless little being but an important comunity member sharing his life story with all.“

When Mike was born a Montessori home awaited him. Together they embarked on a jurney full of discoveries and understanding. They are still on the way and Zuzana is mapping it from the first day on her blog mothering.cz.

During the last year she realized that her interest in Montessori has transformed into passion. It fascinates her to observe how children are engaging with the surroundig world, how they are  uncovering and learning to express their emotions and how they are transforming into human beings that are using all their potential and fulfilling the purpose of their life.

Zuzka attended co-active coaching of American company CTI, Language of listening course focused on coaching children and adults, AMI training: Montessori assistant 0-3 with Heidi Philippart. Currently she is attending webinars focused on child development psychology through Neufeld Institute based in Canada, successfully finishing trainings: Making sense of Aggression, Counterwill and Alpha children. She is a tireless student and likes to learn from exceptional teachers. Her role models include Teacher Tom, Donna Bryant Goertz, Vivien Gussin Palay and Paula Polk Lillard.

In our toddler class she working as an English speaking teacher.