Ing. Lucie Čermáková

Lucie studied at the Czech University of Life Science, Faculty of Economics and Management but she decided to devote her life to the care of toddlers and preschool children. She attended AMI lectures for children 0-3 years with Patricía Wallner, AMI training: Montessori assistant for preschool children with Madlena Ulrich, AMS training for children 3-6 years under the leadership of Dorothy Paul and Jennifer Varbanov and workshops with neurologist Steve Hughes on work with children with specific needs. She is also a completed ZDrSem’s First Aid Medical Course, a series of Respect and Be Respected courses, and a nanny qualification course for preschool children.

Lucie has been in Marché Montessori since the opening of the toddler class in 2013, where she worked as a headteacher for two years. For three years she was holding the position of a headteacher in the 3-6 kindergarten class. After the birth of her daughter, she worked as a coordinator of the educational concept and deputy director of pre-school education. This year, Lucie is returning and expanding her work in 3-6 kindergarten with the role of the Czech-speaking teacher, at least 3 mornings during the week.